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Top 4 Benefits of Singing Nursery Rhymes to Your Toddler

Bob The Train, Baby Bao Panda, Songs by cute little Schoolies, adorable Little Red Car and the cute animals from Farmees are not just your toddler’s best friends, they are your best friends too. You know about nursery rhymes, you have been singing them along to your children right from the time they were just an infant.

Now that your child is a toddler, no longer just an infant, it’s time to bridge a positive and educational connection to nursery rhymes to a whole new level for them, with Kids TV Nursery Rhymes, Farmees Nursery Rhymes, Kids Channel, Kids TV Channel, Zebra Nursery Rhymes and so many other Kids TV shows.

But what it is about these delightful rhymes that are so helpful for the child’s development? What are the benefits of singing nursery rhymes to your little one?

#1: Fun and Easy to Learn.

Nursery rhymes are fun and easy to learn for the child because they are short and are learned through the power of repetition. The more you repeat a tune, the more the baby is likely to catch on to it, and remember what you toddler has just heard. Small children have very little attention spans, so through the power of repetition, they become aware of the phonemes or the units that make up the tune.

#2: Builds the Child’s Perceptive Powers

Educational Baby Nursery rhymes build awareness in the child for the various sounds and tunes. It makes them sensitive and conversant to different patterns which they don’t notice in the day to day speech used by their parents or other family members when they talk to each other.

The child becomes much more perceptive and aware of what’s happening. Babies start noticing the similarities between different words or phrases, rhyme, and starts thinking about the sequences of sounds in which the words are said. This is very important for the child’s development and makes it easier for you or a pre-school teacher to teach her basic reading and spelling skills.

#3: Improves the child’s attention span.

Listening to nursery rhymes really does improve concentration and focus of children as they will want to listen to the rhyme from the beginning to the end, so that they don’t miss out on any part of the story. You can use their favorite rhymes to improve their attention span and gradually introduce them to longer and more complex plots.

#4: Improves child’s memory.

At this stage in your child’s development, the memory is still very much a work in progress. Small children live in the moment, they don’t think too much about the past, and they don’t worry about the future like adults. This is a good thing, but it is important to provide them with simple challenges and learning opportunities which can give their memory a real workout. Preschool Nursery rhymes can help with that as your child is constantly trying to remember the words and predict what comes next.

Now, if you do not remember any of the kindergarten nursery rhymes you learned as a child, that’s fine – you can choose hundreds of great kids songs from Kids tv, Farmees, Oh My Genius, Kids Channel, Kids Tv Channel, Little Tree House and your toddler will certainly love singing along to the tunes of all the baby songs of all these channels!

Considering how much preschoolers enjoy watching their most favorite cartoon nursery rhymes and baby songs each day, there are some super amazing apps for them called ‘Kids First’ that is available on Google play stores and also ‘Bob the Train’ children app which is available on both the iOS and Google Play stores. So parents, you all can now download and provide an extended platform to your children to make them watch and listen to some of the massively popular and top preschool educational nursery rhymes.

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