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Development of social skills in children from 0 to 3 years

How does the baby learn social interaction? When does the creation of friendships begin? What to do to support him in building his social skills?

In fact, everything starts with Mom and Dad - the people who take care of the baby. You are the first companion to play on your stub, his beloved man. That is why your baby loves to hear your voice, to see your face, to feel your touch. With your help, it learns to communicate and enjoy the company of the other.

By communicating with the parent, the baby begins to learn social skills. From the moment it is born, it interacts actively with the person who cares for it. In the first years, the baby is focused on what it can do only by taking objects by hand, crawling, making the first steps, etc. However, while you talk to him, he begins to develop and their speaking and communication skills.

Develop According To The Age

The voice and speech of the parent

At times, it may seem to you that monologue waters, but actually by talking and reading the baby learns and develops her communicative skills. It closely monitors your intonation, your facial expression. From very young age, you could use nursery rhymes lyrics or nursery rhymes songs and nursery rhymes videos.

At about two years of age, your child will start enjoying the company of other children during the game. Do not worry if you cannot share toys at the beginning. Over time, it will learn empathy and become a better partner in the games. At about three years of age, the child begins to create friendships only.

But how does socialization actually develop according to the age of the child?

1 month

Building social skills begins ... The baby loves being touched, worn, and spoken to. In the first month, your child will start experimenting. It will monitor your face expression, track your voice. It's good to watch the baby while you talk to him.

3 months

This is the time when the baby begins to spend most of its time in a waking state watching the world around. He begins to notice different things in the surroundings. The "real smile" appears - it will smile deliberately and truly will be glad to see you. This is the moment when the affection for the adult who is important to him or the one who takes the most care of him is formed.

5 months

The baby is becoming more open to new people. It is nice to meet him often with the people around you and get used to them. Your stalker will "greet" the people who pay attention to him with a smile. Now is the time to start playing the hide and seek. Hang yourself behind your hands for a few seconds and show or hide behind a blanket. You will see how the baby smiles with a smile when he sees you show up.

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