Encourage Any Progress

Children's intelligence is subconscious and this helps the child achieve exceptional development. It absorbs impressions, not with its own mind, but with its own life; teaches everything without knowing that he is teaching him, and thus gradually passes from the subconscious to the conscious."

"The child's absorbing mind finds what it needs in the surrounding environment. Absorbing the finds around him, he constructs his consciousness systematically until he acquires memory, the power to understand and the ability to think. "Maria Montessori (1870-1952)

Encourage Any Progress

During the process of education, you will pass together with your child through various stages. The important is that you should start from the very beginning. Musical or video appearance of the world from first day. Learning videos for kids will help you to set a good basis. Young infant comes to the world and need to be assisted from the very beginning. To meet a specially developed environment where your child is the main actor and only chooses the "route" to go through. Your feature is only guiding and supportive, but never leading! The child is always the leader.

The child can:

  • - Choose the type of music videos for kids.

  • - Choose the duration of the nursery rhymes for kids.

  • - Choose your partners and kids songs.

The parent is obliged:

  • - Do not interfere with the constructive work of the child.

  • - Do not disturb the child's concentration.

  • - When displaying a material, be at the child's eye level

Remember: When you are in a group, your time belongs to your child! Keep your mobile devices in silent mode

Positive aspects as a result of Montessori with Mom moments:

  • - Children become more independent (know what they want and do not want)

  • - Learning to be consistent in their actions

  • - Learning to make a choice - nursery rhymes songs or nursery rhymes videos

  • - Develop their concentration and skills to complete the job

  • - Gladly explore the world

  • - They strive to put everything in order

  • - Familiar with many verses, fingers, songs and dances

  • - Expand your vocabulary

  • - Their movements become more precise and accurate (develop eye-hand coordination)

  • - Develop purposefully their senses

  • - Gladly contacted with other children and adults

  • - In addition to working individually in a group

  • - Learning to await order

  • - Significantly increase their self-esteem and become confident in their actions

Use an appropriate incentive to motivate the child to behave well

What is this incentive? Money, gifts, excursions? No, these are short-term incentives that do not create overall motivation. In children, the best incentive is your love and attention. To play them your stimulating role, you have to be fun and enjoyable. Spend time with your child so that your love and tenderness can be rewarded. Ask the following question: "How much time do I spend with my child, as we just have fun without wanting anything from him?" If the answer is "very little," you may not encourage him enough to want your love and attention.

Focus on what the child can do and do not pay attention to what you do not like in his behavior

Instead of focusing on the failures or bad behavior of your son or daughter, better focus on the positive things in his behavior or what he has managed to achieve. Instead of drinking all day that the child was not first in the race, but only finished third, you better encourage him - do it well. Or just find a way to highlight his merits instead of hurting his shortcomings.

Encourage any progress and remember praise

Do not wait for your child to achieve complete success to praise him. When your child learns to read, to play an instrument, to try to keep up, to stop fighting or to achieve anything at all, encourage him at every step. Be interested in the least positive effort on his part.

We can always find a reason to praise our children. Usually, when our children are obedient and behave well, we do not pay attention to them. We do not notice them because they do not interfere with us.

And we do nothing to encourage their behavior! Do something bad, however, immediately attract our attention!

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