How to help children develop a love for reading?

How to help children develop a love for reading?

We often hear parents complaining that their children are not reading. Often we can hear children who say they hate reading.

How to help children develop a love for reading?

Why is this happening? What helps the child to love the book and what prevents it?

Where are we confused about presenting the world of children's books?

When it comes to reading, parents imagine that the child will be "serious" about the books.

In addition, what the child imagines is fun. The child wants to enjoy every process in which he / she is a participant.

Obligatory acquisition of knowledge

Parents believe the book should provide the child with a certain amount of information. The child wants to find herself/himself in the fairy tale, in the characters, to participate in her creation.

Old Language

Parents say, "As a child I have read a classic story, so my child should read them too."

Children are saying, "It's so complicated to read, reading is sucking."

How do we help the child to love books? When to start?

There is not too early representation of the child in the world of books. This happens in the first months after birth. The child should be surrounded by books, be able to read them, "read", touch the book, and get used to it as part of his everyday life, and Mom and Dad should also set an example.

The main principle in Montessori pedagogy is "help me do it myself", that is, the initiative for every action should come from the child, and you only help and guide him, and indeed if we do something constantly, we feed him with a scoop , for example, he will never learn, so Montessori focuses on developing materials, all of which should be beautiful, interesting and enjoyable to touch, from simple to complex, from concrete to abstract, and always in full access to the child in a way that only chooses when and what to do, the reason here is that every child has a need for development, so it will always seek new knowledge, and the developing environment helps him to do so and today's psychology has confirmed that every child is going through a sensational period, that is, moments of life in which your child is most easily and naturally learning.

Developing toys from Thinkle stars

Educational TV

There are 9 themed screens and over 80 questions about animals, colors, games, numbers, objects in space, and more. The child responds to the questions by pressing the remote on the TV.

Interactive letter

It provides the child with 8 different games for the letters and the alphabet. The bouquet will ask him to find the letter with which the word begins; to find a letter from the alphabet, etc.

Magic Board "Light and Learn"

Contains 2 books with over 50 writing and calculus exercises. The interactive board has eight friends who will help the child with speech instruction for the exercises in the booklets.

The Wheel of Animals

With this the child will learn many details about eight animals - how they say their little ones, what sounds they emit and where they live. All knowledge will also be taught in English.


With DJ Danny, the child will feel like a real DJ while mixing the record players and creating his music mix. R & B, Latin, Pop, Rock and Jazz are the main musical styles they will get to know.

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