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Quality Time With Kids

Children's intelligence is subconscious and this helps the child achieve exceptional development. The child absorbs impressions, not with its own mind, but with its own life; teaches everything without knowing that he is teaching him, and thus gradually passes from the subconscious to the conscious.

The child's absorbing mind finds what it needs in the surrounding environment. Absorbing the finds around him, he constructs his consciousness step by step until it acquires memory, the power to understand, and the ability to think.

The most important period of early childhood development covers the first 3 years, when most children are at home.

Technologies create the challenges of raising and educating children in a modern, rapidly developing, technologically and digitally challenging world. New technologies evolve every second every day, our children are deeply connected with them.

Quality Time With Kids

Children know and learn extremely quickly.

The effective use of technology and in particular videos is very useful for the parents. Nowadays parents have access to nursery rhymes videos, baby videos, kids learning videos. Educators should try to focus on encouraging children, through interactive entertainment, to discuss their curiosity, love of books, art, culture, and social engagement.

The tremendous importance of the game for the realization of the full potential of the children.

It is important for parents to create for their children a special time to play, to watch, to interact – no matter if this is nursery rhymes videos, baby videos or kids learning videos. It has been scientifically proven that Good Nutrition, Health and the creation of a positive, stimulating environment have an impact on brain development.

It also stimulates the creative imagination of each child and his active participation in the music lesson - with educational and at the same time entertaining games, and each participant can really touch the instrument and try for the first time how the music is born.

The rapid development of Internet training has led to the emergence of dozens of platforms with hundreds or even thousands of educational materials for all ages, nursery rhymes videos, baby videos, kids learning videos. At one point, it is normal for a person to get confused by the great supply. How can you find out which kids learning videos is right for your child or find the right form of e-learning? Help is the Balloon Internet portal, which offers a catalog of over 15,000 videos Nursery Rhymes videos, baby videos, kids learning videos up to Coursera, Udacity platforms and various lectures by giants such as Microsoft and Adobe. It is the work of Apollo Education Group, which wants to create a single place to offer online educational videos, and to enhance the link between skills, knowledge and education.

Access to quality educational materials is not just about having a desire, a means and a start-up knowledge. The connection to the global network has provided a completely new tool and a way of parenting and how digital education/ digital learning is facilitating kids growth via videos These are the online videos that are becoming increasingly popular around the world. The ability to make a digital connection between the educator and the pupils in real time, no matter what distance they are.

Benefits and development

Creating such platforms is cheap, easy to predict, provides quick access to videos and materials, and allows parents and educators to distribute courses in their time more effectively than traditional education. They allow the sharing of up-to-date knowledge and systematic training from anywhere in the world, as well as a high degree of self-development. Contrary to the perception of the mass audience, Internet videos are not just video tutorials. Most platforms build complex "classrooms" that keep in touch with children and their parents or educators, upload materials, homework, and more. The development of online learning platforms does not stop and is expected to evolve further. Being Internet-based allows them to use tools and techniques typical of companies such as Google and Facebook. By gathering more user data, platforms will know more about their students - for example, why they make certain mistakes, they can automatically give them suggestions on how to improve their learning methods and much more.

Come watch and learn with Bob The Train, Farmees, Monster Truck Dan, Baby Bao Panda, etc... where these favorite characters will teach you numbers, alphabets, Phonics, Colors, Shapes and much more.

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