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Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

For most of the time, your baby is busy refining his skills and less often pays attention to others around him. If it is more mobile, then it may be interested in other babies. Interaction at this age is reflected not only in looks and smiles, but also in attempts to imitate sounds or mimics.

You can now start enriching the hide and seek game by hiding various items in front of the baby and looking for them. You can increase the time you hide yourself. Through this game, the child knows the world and the persistence of objects - or, in other words - understands that they exist even when they do not see them.

The baby may be reluctant to stay with strangers or people who see it less often. A period of separation anxiety begins. That is why it was nice to have been able to communicate with more people by this time.

It may seem to you that the child becomes antisocial, but it is only a period. Keep in mind that this period sometimes extends to the second year.

Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Your child is very interested in the world around him, he wants to reach everything, touch everything and start asking for everything. Do not worry that your child does not give toys; it does not mean that he will become selfish. It is just a period. By learning language and improving understanding, it will start to enjoy the company of others more and more. When he learns to talk and communicate with others, he will also learn to be friends. You will even notice how it begins to imitate children from the crib or playground. That’s the perfect moment to start showing him or her kids educational videos, music videos for kids or even learning videos for kids.

Between the ages of 2 and 3, the child begins to demonstrate more gentleness and may even have self-centered manifestations. At this age, the kids are hardly "placed in the shoes of the other" and do not even assume that everyone can feel differently. Do not worry. With the growth and accumulation of experience, and with some help from you, the little person will learn to share and show sympathy, even if there are one or two friends in the true sense of the word.

In this period, you will notice the child's preference to play with certain children and will even have a strong desire to see them often, will talk about them.

By growing up, your child will enjoy and want the attention of other people, especially other children. He will learn more about how to respond to different social situations and the pleasure of being among friends will increase. He will gradually see how fun it is to have comrades in the games and accomplices in the white.

What can you do?

  • - Spend a lot of time with your baby, especially during the first few months. It will enjoy the attention and your face expression will be observed with interest, even trying to mimic it.

  • - Invite friends and relatives. Children (especially young children) love visitors, young and old, especially when everyone cares for it.

  • - Do not worry if the child develops a strange worry about 7-8 months of age. This is quite normal.

  • - If your baby cries when you put him in the hands of a relative, pull him off. Let it first feel calm in your hands while the other is around. Talk and play with your child while you are holding it. Then give it to the other person for a short time and stay nearby. Finally, try to leave the room for a few minutes. If the child cries, try again later.

  • - Get in and out of the room to help the child develop confidence that even when you are not nearby you will always come back.

  • - Ensure your son or daughter can play with other children - especially those who are not part of the family. Make sure you have toys for everyone because they can not yet share with each other.

  • - Give examples of your 2- or 3-year-old child for good social behavior. Let her hear you say "please" and "thank you" and greet someone for a job well done. Let's see that you share ... a book, salt, apple.

  • - Write your child in groups of games or other classes so that they have the chance to be with other children. This will help him learn to create and maintain friendships.

  • - Find a time for him to watch learning videos for kids. Many kids’ educational videos are specially adopted for this particular age related development.

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