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Finger Family

Children love to play with their fingers, although most times they put them in their mouths or in other places where their fingers shouldn't be. The Finger Family nursery rhyme is a fun way to ensure a productive use of a toddler's playtime with their fingers, by imagining each finger as a member of the family. This kids rhyme teaches them the importance of family, and just like how all the fingers are attached to one hand and help the hand to work, the members of a family are attached and help the family to work. What makes this kids song better, is that toddlers can use their imagination and make up their own Finger Family, using objects or animals or alphabets or even monsters. To start up their imagination, we have a playlist of cartoon videos in 3D and 2D of different Finger Families, catering to the tastes of kindergarten toddlers from all over. So subscribe now, and let another family teach your kids how to appreciate and love their own.

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