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From one of the world's largest kids network on YouTube and from makers of Kids TV and Kids Channel having over 21 Billion Views and 25+ Million subscribers comes Nursery Rhymes World - Kids Songs and Videos. Nursery Rhymes World - Kids Songs and Videos is your go-to destination for EduTainment (Education + Entertainment) videos for pre-schoolers, young kids and toddlers.

Come watch and learn with Bob The Train, Farmees, Monster Truck Dan, Baby Bao Panda, etc... where these favorite characters will teach you numbers, alphabets, ABC, Phonics, Colors, Shapes and much more packaged in a fun way.

We make learning fun while providing 4,700+ Kids safe and Family Safe videos available for you to watch in HD Quality and English language.

Young kids, pre-schoolers, toddlers, and babies will love watching these videos and learn while they have fun watching.

Upon launching the Nursery Rhymes World app, you the viewer will get a choice of selecting multiple content categories to choose your videos from. Each content category has multiple videos that will enrich the child's learning experience. These videos and the content showcased in these videos have been prepared under strict observation and guidelines of pre-school education experts who have many years of experience in this domain.

In Nursery Rhymes World, the viewer has the option to select any of the recommended videos from the list shown at any time during playback of the video or else, the service will automatically play the next video in the queue upon completion.


- 4,700+ videos

- English Language

- HD Video Quality

- Long and Short form content

- Kids Safe – COPPA Compliant

- Over 16 categories of content ranging from Nursery rhymes to learning Colors, from Shapes to Learn Vehicle Names, from Alphabets to Phonics, from Numbers to Stories

- Watch Bob The Train, Farmees, Road Rangers, Monster Truck Dan, Baby Bao Panda, Jelly Bears, Zebra and more of the top and popular characters

Its fun, its free, kids love it, and so does the family.

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