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How does my child benefit from the learning videos?

The art of teaching is going places with E-learning. It is one of the many boons of technology. E-learning videos allow us to bring together audio and video aids together, which majorly appeals young minds. Creative designs and special effects added to animated characters meaningfully engage your child. A break from the traditional text-book and classroom learning, e-learning videos are more practical form of learning. The do-it-yourself, sing-along and repeat after narrator type of videos allow your child to explore various aspects of various lessons.

Why are USP’s videos different from other e-learning videos?

The motto behind having this organization initiated was to create and promote as many fun learning videos possible for kids. The motto behind every creation is to present a healthy and subtle content for better learning for your child. The contents directed on the website are a product of well researched facts. Aspects such as the kind of fonts, colours, shapes and language applied to the videos are studied keeping in mind the needs and sensitivity of a developing brain. The videos mainly differ in terms of content displayed, they do not strongly influence or negatively affect your child’s behavior in any manner.

What is the kind of language and tonality used in the videos?

USP studios creates content available to you in more than 25 languages catering to audiences across the globe. The tone and language of the voiceovers in the video is subtle and accustomed to suit and appeal tender brains. We understand your needs as a parent and we assure you the videos to live up to the objective of educating your child rightly. Since we know how an audio-visual affects your child majorly, we use qualitative and polite audios to help your child grasp lessons that ensure efficient practice at speech.

Are the contents of all videos safe to view?

All the videos available on this site are meant for children of all age groups.

Would any of the videos on this website influence my child’s behavior, strongly or negatively?

The videos follow basic lessons on numbers, letters, kindergarten rhymes. None of the content includes inappropriate portrayal. Our team ensures none of the content adversely affects a child’s behavior and solely educates them about the good.

What kind of learn videos are available on USP Studios website?

There is wide range of learn videos available on our website. Apart from basic letters and number lessons, your child can access videos on nursery rhymes, animal sounds, kids songs, kids adventure stories, family members songs etc.


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